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VectorMatic 1:5

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1:5 Speed Increasing, Internal Coolant Contra-Angle Handpiece, Quattro Spray, Optic, and Friction Grip Burs.
The perfect replacement for the over-priced NSK, KaVo, StarDental, and Adec W&H angles.
Deluxe low-speed Motor System with internal water spray.
Replacement Contra Angle Attachments for KaVo Intramatic Style Contra Angle Attachments.
Works on any ISO Electric Highspeed System.
  • Increasing 1:5 Speed range up to 200,000rpm
  • Ceramic Bearings
  • 4-port spray
  • Cellular Optics
  • Works on any E-Type Motor Connection
  • Hygienic Dual Coating 
  • 1 Year Warranty

This handpiece will fit on and work with any E-Type Motor System. Compatible with Star, NSK, Bien Air, W&H and Kavo motor Systems.

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