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Vector Vortex™ Extra-Oral Aerosol Capture System (Most Powerful Unit Available)

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The Vector Vortex Extra-Oral suction device uses high volume Extra-Oral suction to capture, contain, clean, sterilize and kill dental aerosols, creating a safer environment for Dentist, Hygienist, Staff and patients.

Strong suction pump, large flow, high vacuum, long performance life.
Excellent heat dissipation performance, can work continuously for more than 4 hours.
Negative pressure could be regulated according to the clinical need by stepless adjusting knob.
Ergonomic design does not get in your way while still providing effective removal of droplets.
Low noise, noise level hardly increases when working with ultrasonic scaler, handpiece etc.

The Problem with Aerosols and Droplets in Dental Clinics

Most dental treatments require the use of instruments such as high and low speed handpieces, ultrasonic scalers, polishers and so on.

  • During the implementation of these instruments, the combination of compressed air and water can vaporize virus and bacteria particles in the patients oral cavity.
  • High-speed dental handpieces and ultrasonic instruments are particularly problematic because of their speed (400.000 rpm or 30 K etc.) and use of water for coolant and lavage.
  • These atomized micro-droplets can drift a range of 1-2 meters around dental chair.
  • These particles can also be inhaled by the dental professional, staff and other patients.

The Solution

Reduce the danger of particle/droplet spread!

  • Aerosols are created during oral treatment.
  • Aerosols stay suspended in the air for an extended time until they settle on surfaces, clothing, equipment, or are inhaled into the human
    respiratory tract.
  • Inhaled aerosolized virus and bacteria have
    strong penetrating power and are considered to be the most potentially dangerous particles for transmitting diseases in the lungs.

"I have an HVE System, is that good enough?" 

Dispersion rate=Droplets which are not caught/ Total tracked particles number

  • When using intra-oral suction only, 50% ~ 60% of droplets are flying into the air
  • Using intra-oral and extra-oral suction at the same time, the Vector Vortex captures close to 95% of droplet particles.

Capture rate=Total absorbed particles number /Total tracked particles number

In terms of the “capture rate” of droplet particles. The capture rate of the intra-oral and extra-oral suction combination is 40%~70% higher than that of using intra-oral suction only.

The built-in high-power blower produces 3M/s wind speed creating a negative air space around the oral cavity, removing dental aerosols and droplets. 4 stage disinfection cleans the air from over 99.97% of vapor, dust, bacteria and viruses.
  • First stage primary filter removes large particles and dust.
  • UV filter exposes viruses and bacteria to UV light breaking down the cellular structure.
  • Plasma generator produces +/- ions charging the particles to make the final stage HEPA filter more effective.
  • Final stage HEPA filter captures the remaining vapor, dust bacteria and viruses.


Install the free arm and connect the power.

Operation Procedure

  1. Move the machine to appropriate location engage the brake at the bottom of wheel.
  2. Plug in the power cord and switch on the power.
  3. Pull the free arm to an appropriate position, adjust the pressure/flow with the knob on the control panel.
  4. After use, turn off the power switch, pull back the free arm.


  • Voltage: AC110V 60Hz Power:1200VA
  • Noise:≤52-62 Max dB
  • Pumping Rate:≥3m3/Min
  • Max Vaccum:-20-25kpa
  • Amount of Negative Ions:≥100 million/m3
  • Amount of Positive Ions:≥80 million/m3
  • HEPA Grade: H13 ≥99.97 0.3μm
  • Dimension: 320*320*840mm
  • Net Weight: 36kg
  • Accessories:
    • HEPA Filter (VV-101)
    • Filter A (VV-102)
    • Filter B (VV-103)
    • UV Lamp (VV-108)
    • Halo Shield (VV-105) Replacement Motor (VV-118)
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