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Vector Premium Handpiece Lubricant & Cleaner (Buy 6 Cans of Spray(VL-S) and get 2 Spray Adaptors Free) $28.95

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Imported from Germany, Vector Premium Lubricant is the most advanced, all-synthetic, lubricant specifically designed for the rigorous, harsh environments of busy dental offices. Compare to nationally known brands that offer cheap mineral-oil based lubricant at twice the price. Mineral-oil base lubricants break down in the sterilizer, leaving a sticky glue-like substance that reduces handpiece power, performance, and bearing lift. Vector lubricant does not break down in the heat of the sterilizer therefore there is no need to re-lube after sterilization. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Priced less than lubricant of similar quality and performance
  • Vector spray not only lubricates but it also cleans in one application
  • Works for both high and low-speed handpieces and attachments
  • Accepts most brands and manufacturers spray nozzles including Vector
  • Pleasant spearmint smell

(Buy 6 Cans of Spray(VL-S) and get 2 Spray Adaptors Free)

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