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TT-EC 1 Push Button Friction Grip Contra Angle

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TURBO TORQUE Push Button FRICTION GRIP head and angle Set (TT-FGP& CA-NK)

Versatile E-Type Connection.

E-Type low speeds are quickly becoming the “standard” for the industry. Easily interchanges with most electric, surgery and endo systems. With our competitors you are stuck with the attachments that they build to fit their handpiece. With Vector you can choose from not only our high quality attachments but from any manufacture who manufactures E-type attachments.

Top Quality, High Torque Motor

While our attachments are some of the highest quality in the dental industry, the real corner stone of this set is the motor. This smooth and quiet motor is designed to last for years and years.   A real proven performer - with consistent high torque throughout the entire speed range. Do not let the price fool you this is a top quality motor!

20,000 RPM our most popular motor Set

Our most popular 20,000 rpm design is perfectly suited for operative work and acrylic adjustment as well as high speed polishing of the newer composites. Add a 4:1 straight nose cone (next page) and the handpiece is transformed to the perfect “prophy” motor. Comparable packages for our competitors will cost well over $ 1,000.00. The Turbo Torque is truly value without compromise!

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