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StarDental - 262052 430K 4-Line Fixed Backend

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The 430 series of handpieces from StarDental® delivers just the right combination of power and choice to drive your productivity within your dental office. The 430 series handpiece comes available in many different configuration types from lube-free to lubricated or fiberoptic to non-optic to meet any offices requirements.

Features & Benefits:

Small Head - High Torque Design

Improves overall accessibility and visibility. High power enables fast and precise removal of tooth surface and amalgam to improve speed and quality of work.

Low noise level reduces possibility of auditory damage and can reduce patient anxiety.

Ceramic Autochuck Turbine

LubeFree ceramic bearings are virtually maintenance free eliminating the cost of lubrication; no residual lubricant is expelled into the oral cavity. Also available in lubricated bearings.

Improves efficiency and savestime with quick bur changing feature.

Coaxial Water Spray

Optimizes the direction of the spray and water pressure, cooling the bur and flushing the operatory site.

Rugged Construction

100% stainless steel body provides durability.

Electropolished or brushed finish, lightweightstainlesssteel construction provides strength and durability to high temperatures of autoclaving and chemiclaving.

Innovative scalloped handle eliminates grooves where debris and bacteria are most often harbored,significantly reducing handpiece pre-sterilization scrubbing and cleaning preparation time.

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