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Stainmaster Plus

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Blast away stains and discoloration from teeth and root surfaces with ease with the new Vector Stain Master prophy handpiece.  

The prophy powder mixes at the handpiece tip with the water supplied by your regular 4 hole handpiece tubing to create a powerful yet safe slurry of powder and water which gently but effectively removes stains and discoloration from the tooth surface. Also shown to enhance bond strength and effectiveness of many office procedures

-       Quick and easy no cost installation. Connects to your standard 4 hole handpiece tubing for easy installation, and quick access in the operatory environment. Eliminate the need and costly installation of stand alone prophy jet type units that require separate water and air connections.

-       Effective and comfortable for both the patient and practitioner.

-       Rotating 360o spray nozzle allows access to all areas of the mouth.

-       Large powder reservoir holds enough powder for a typical procedure.

Use in all areas of your dental practice.

General Dentistry and Pediatrics: Use prior to placing sealants to improve sealant retention and minimize the risk of caries.   Also shown to very effective in improving the performance of your laser carries detector by removing deposits and stains that can cause false readings.

Orthodontics: Improve the bond strength of bracket cement prior to bonding. Also quickly and effectively clean and remove calculus from fixed brackets and wires with out damage. Shown to be effective in removing stains from the tooth surface after removal of brackets.

Prosthetics and Implantology: Improve bonding properties

Aesthetics Dentistry: Improve the performance of all whitening systems, both take home and in-office procedures.

Periodontics: Shown to be effective at preparing root surfaces prior to surgical procedures etc.

Compare to similar units produced by KaVoTM, NSKTM and DentsplyTM the Vector Stain Master is an outstanding value a must have addition to any dental operatory.

 The Stain Master uses any and all brands of prophy powder and will run on regular handpiece air pressure (40 PSI). 

 Vector covers the unit, nozzle and powder case with a limited 6 month warranty.


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