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Owandy 3D I-Max Multi-FOV X-ray Five year warranty on Tubehead and Sensor)

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Wall-Mounted Concept: freeing up the floor

The Owandy IMax 3D is a highly compact CBCT machine that takes up zero floor space, so it will never get in your way! This makes it easy to position your patient properly.

Sleek and Stylish CBCT Machine

Weighing just 66kg, the Owandy IMax 3D is the lightest 3D/2D panoramic unit on the market. Its sleek, slender design makes it an attractive and valuable asset for your surgery.

High-Resolution Multi-FOV 3D Cone Beam Imaging

The Owandy IMax 3D allows you to conduct examinations with various volumes, depending on your practice needs.

  • Ideal for implantology: 12x10cm for a full mouth and condyle, 9x9cm for a full mouth, 9x5cm for a full arch.
  • Also suitable for endodontics, with its small 5x5cm volume.

All options boast an excellent resolution quality of up to 87um. What’s more, its ultra-sensitive sensor coupled with an extremely short exposure time helps you to considerably reduce X-Ray dose emissions.

owandy imax 3 adult scan

12x10cm adult 3D exam

Exceptional Image Quality

Incorporating ALI-S (Automatic Layers Integration System), the unit directly and automatically selects the best sections in order to display – without any operator involvement – a perfect, high definition image.

It is more than just an innovative design. With the IMax you can carry out all the examinations you need for your patients, and enjoy ultra-high-definition images in every X-Ray. You will be able to view all clinical and anatomical details with maximum precision and your diagnostics will be conducted in complete safety.
     Optimum Quality at the Right Price

    Brimming with technology, the IMax 3D has been developed in such a way as to reduce manufacturing, transportation, and  installation costs as much as possible. This CBCT machine currently offers the best balance between investment and performance.

Patient Positioning Made Easy

Poor patient positioning is the reason behind the majority of failed images. As well as lasers and temple clamps, the unit places patients face-on, ensuring the perfect positioning. Patients with reduced mobility will also find the system easier to use and move around, as it takes up no floor space.

Owandy imax 3d patient scan
Power of Innovation

The unit directly selects the best sections in order to display a perfect image, without any form of operator involvement. Another of the Owandy IMax 3D’s unique features is its intuitive and user-friendly HMI (Human-Machine Interface), whereby its imaging tools and enhancing filters are automatically integrated into the control software. Even more appealing is IMax’s compatibility with every kind of management software on the market.

Easy to Install and Use

This ultra-compact and lightweight CBCT machine come in one easy-to-handle package. Featuring an exclusive “Easy to Install” system, the Owandy IMax 3D panoramic unit is delivered to your clinic fully assembled, requiring just one technician to install it in situ.

An installation video is provided. Brimming with technological developments, all of its electronic components have been fully optimized. The IMax minimizes the risk of system failure and facilitates maintenance work.

A Controlled, Balanced Budget

As a result of optimized manufacturing processes, the new IMax clearly offers the best performance/investment ratio, with lower purchase, delivery, and installation costs, and easier maintenance. Additionally, this CBCT machine offers ultra-high definition image quality.

So with the Owandy IMax 3D, you can offer your patients a comprehensive range of services, regardless of how big or small your clinic is!

16 3D Programs at your Fingertips

The IMax 3D features numerous programs, which can be used for the full range of examinations your dental practice requires (child/adult):

■ Complete dental volume

■ Left / right TMJ

■ Sinus

■ Maxillary volume / Mandibular volume

■ Frontal maxillary

■ Left / right maxillary premolar

■ Left / right maxillary molar

■ Frontal mandibular

■ Left / right mandibular premolar

■ Left / right mandibular molar

Scan of Impression Trays, Plaster Models, and Radiological Guides

The Owandy IMax 3D has been designed with a wide range of ingenious programs to help you get the most out of your day-to-day practice. You can scan 3D models to help you set up a treatment protocol for your patients and make surgical procedures easier.

You can also export them in STL format for use with external modeling software.

Face Scan Ready

Thanks for Face Scan, the communication with your patients is facilitated. You can import .PLY or .OBJ files into your 3D software and associate the corresponding 3D volume. In addition to increasing confidence in your expertise and know-how, your patient accept the suggested treatment plan more easily.

Safe and Speedy Guided Surgery

Much more than just a 3D CBCT machine, you will be able to create surgical guides ready to print. It allows you to insert implants quickly and safely for both completely and partially toothless patients.

Implant planning softwares will prove your most trusted ally for quicker, safer, and more efficient prosthetic implant dentistry.

Your DICOM images are also easy to integrate with the leading third-party 3D software packages such as SimPlant, Blue Sky Plan, QuickVision 3D.

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