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Bien Air OMS Surgery & Implant System

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Simplicity: the cornerstone of the new surgical motor developed by Bien-Air Dental. We do not need to calibrate our motor, as the MX-I motor & 20:1 contra-angle have been validated to remain extremely accurate over a 1600+ Sterilization-cycle life.

Up the torque with the press of a foot, and easily record the last used torque settings for tuning your practice.

Technical Data

OMS ProImplant
Implantology mode
Surgery mode -
Control Knob (sterilisable)
Guided surgery protocols - -
Digital workflow (import data from
CoDiagnostiXTM) planning software
- -
Exportable surgical report - -
Max. Torque at the rotary instrument in
implant mode
80 Ncm 70 Ncm
Dimensions L x W x H 240mm x 240mm x 102mm 240mm x 240mm x 102mm
Weight 2,2 Kg 2,2 Kg
Device warranty 2 years 2 years
MX-i specifications MX-i LED 1600755-001
MX-i LED 1601008-001
Non self-ventilated
Micromotor Dimensions ø x L 23 x 91mm 23 x 83mm
Micromotor Weight 115g 110g
Reference OMS set
without CA 1700769-001
ProImplant + 20:1L CA (w. light)

ProImplant + 20:1 CA (w/o light)
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