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Bien Air 1:2 Speed Increasing Surgical Nose Special 4 Pack

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PM 1:2 Straight Handpiece Bulk Buy Special

Designed to withstand the stresses caused from repeated lateral pressure. With a new bur guard to prevent the physiological liquid from returning into the physio-dispenser – for impeccable hygiene.

A best seller in oral maxillofacial surgery, the PM 1:2 is the epitome of what Bien-Air’s Swiss precision brings to uncompromising quality and reliability. Newly improved infection control features position this straight handpiece at the forefront of patient safety and, in turn, afford it with significantly prolonged service life. With Bien-Air’s PM 1:2, confidently dispose of all uncertainties and get ready to outperform yourself.

Safe and Durable.Aside from its primary function of thoroughly cooling the operative field, the PM 1:2’s external irrigation system – with sterile disposable tubing – complies with the highest hygiene standards in oral surgery. Complemented with a new single-use bur guard preventing fluid infiltration in both the shank and the motor, the risk of overheating and premature handpiece failure is significantly minimized.


The high rotational speed reduces cutting time by 70 % (12 seconds to completely section a tooth), while significantly reducing the force required.

PM 1:2
Type Straight handpiece
Transmission ratio 1:2
Speed range 200-80,000 rpm
External irrigation On detachable sleeve
Detachable sleeves With irrigation tube, supplied with each instrument and Bur Guard sterile sleeve
Coupling Type E as per ISO 3964
Locking system Locking ring
Bur dimension ø 2.35 mm / type 2, as per ISO 1797
Cleaning / sterilisation Thermo Washer Disinfectable/Steam autoclave up to 135 °C
Warranty 1 to 2 years1
Accessories Sleeve with irrigation hose 1501318-001
Bur guard sterile sleeve 1501317-100
Reference PM 1:2 1600436-001
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