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Thumb sl2033 cs1 ch08

MSRP: $120.00 USD



Code: SL2033

Model: CS1-CH08


Description: Contra Angle, Snap-On, 1:1


Thumb sl2034 cs1 ch09

MSRP: $120.00 USD



Code: SL2034

Model: CS1-CH09


Description: Contra Angle, Screw-On, 1:1


Thumb sl2028 cs1 ch04

MSRP: $132.00 USD



Code: SL2028

Model: CS1-CH04


Description: Contra Angle, Latch Type, CA Burs, 1:1


Thumb sl2026 cs1 ch02 rev1 web

MSRP: $168.00 USD



Code: SL2026

Model: CS1-CH02


Description: Contra Angle, Push Botton, CA Burs, 1:1


Thumb sl2015 ch08

MSRP: $52.00 USD



Code: SL2015

Model: CH08


Description: Head, Snap-On


Thumb sl2016 ch09

MSRP: $52.00 USD



Code: SL2016

Model: CH09


Description: Head, Screw-On


Thumb sl2010 ch04

MSRP: $60.00 USD



Code: SL2010

Model: CH04


Description: Head, Latch Type, CA Burs


Thumb sl2008 ch02 rev1

MSRP: $104.00 USD



Code: SL2008

Model: CH02


Description: Head, Push Botton, CA Burs


Thumb sl2001 cs1

MSRP: $66.00 USD



Code: SL2001

Model: CS1


Description: Sheath, 1:1 Direct Drive


Thumb sl2002 cs4

MSRP: $278.00 USD



Code: SL2002

Model: CS4


Description: Sheath, 4:1 Reduction

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