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Tornadoˢ - Quietly Powerful Handpiece

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As of now, the Tornado are not only the most powerful Bien-Air turbines, they are now also the most robust.

They are protected by their own coat of armor. This new latest generation Protective Shield coating is scratch-resistant and able to withstand the rigors of intensive everyday use. The protection offered by this coating prevents all traces of wear on the surface of the turbine.

This shield, formed of a latest generation PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) treatment, is unique on the market. It provides extreme protection against damaging external actions.

Power is Control

The Tornado are now the most powerful turbines of the brand thanks to its Steady Torque technology, which combines optimal air pressure distribution and exhaust flow.

Extended Service Life

The wear-resistant ceramic ball bearings guarantee an extended service life. Every Bien-Air turbine is individually, laser-balanced to perform at very high speeds with virtually zero vibration.

Technical Data

Power (W)  23*
Spray Outlet 4 asymmetrical mixed
Noise Level (dBa) 58
Head Diameter (mm) 10.9
Head Size (mm) 12.2 mm (21.4 mm with  a 19 mm bur
Rotation Speed (rpm) 410’000
Light LED
Light Intensity (klux) Approx. 21
Weight (g) 59
Coupling Multiflex® ¹

¹ Multiflex® is a registered trademark of KaVo Dental GmbH, Germany

*23 Watt (Tornado) / 20 Watt (Tornadoˢ) according to new ISO 14457:2017 standard.
Tornado / Tornadoˢ turbines are able to apply a transitory power at the bur of 30 W / 24 W
(during at least 1000 rounds), when the bur encounters an obstacle.

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